Wednesday, January 12, 2011

Holiday Crafts

I was minding my cousins this holidays and i needed some crafty fun that would keep them entertained for a while. little did i know i would be sucked into it too!
It was simple, theres no method to it, and no right or wrong way to do this, its simply designing a cover for a book. 
We took the girls to Spotlight and told them that they needed to design a book. that was all we had to do, we spent about 20 minutes in there picking what we needed. I picked up 2 coloured papers, some rub on sticker things, letter stickers and i stole some ribbon from my cousin, my photos were form home.
My younger cousins loved stickers, there was a whole wall to choose from and they were going crazy! My cousin who was 12 loved the glitter, she covered her book in glitter love hearts. and me, being a perfectionist 16 year old, made something simple, that i could cover with a clear plastic film with later to make it last longer.
Everything worked out great! it was easy, and everyone was sharing what they had and now each girl has a book they can use at school, and you can cover as many of them as you want!

Bedroom Decorations

I wanted something different to the simple photo frames to hold all these cute pictures i had lying around and after searching on the internet i found some really cute ideas, one was a wall hanging from Ikea, but i wanted it right now! so i made something similar myself, i had all the things i needed at home and it was easy.

Wall Hanging
what i used:
- pictures
- light weight objects can also be used such as bows, fake flowers and other things.
- white ribbon (any size and any length, you'll need about five pieces.)
- stick tape

what i did:

1. take your ribbon and cut it to the preferred length. different lengths works best, it gives a variety and you can change the number of photos per ribbon.

2. lay one piece of ribbon landscape and the rest of the ribbon horizontal  tying it to the first ribbon piece in little bows. or you can use pegs.

3. position your photos however you prefer along the ribbon and stick tape the backs of them onto the ribbon. 

4. on your wall place two hooks the length of your landscape ribbon apart (remember that you will be tying your ribbon to the hooks so leave some length for that.)
5. tie on your ribbon to these hooks, i didn't have any hooks, so i used blue tack for the time being, i'll get the hooks later. if you're afraid of using permanent hooks, try using the removable ones, they're just as strong and come of without marks.

Friday, December 17, 2010

Snow white

Na Na Na Na Na Na Batman :)

I wanted something really easy that I could whip up in two seconds, something that didn't require me to pay much attention. So, using leftover red, black and white paper from my friends birthday present I whipped up these little guys...

Flying Bats

What I used:
- Paper - black, red and white
- Scissors
- Pencil
- Glue
- Sticky tape
- Fishing line/string

What I did:

1. Fold the black paper in half and outline the shape of half a bat (there are many shapes if you type in 'bat outline' into Google.)

2. Cut out, along the lines of the shape you just drew and unfold it.

3. Using the white paper cut out two small triangles.

4. Cut out two red circles out of the red.

5. Glue the white triangles onto the bat shape in the middle 

6. And glue to circles directly above them.

7. Sticky tape the back of your bat onto the end of a piece of string and then glue two bats back to back.

Thursday, December 16, 2010

Into the Christmas Spirit

When I was told I had to make a Kris Kringle this year for a girl I didn’t know, I was dumbfounded on what to make. Most of my ideas just don’t work out! So I tried making something that involved no glue, and no mess! And I decided to make some….

Christmas Pom pom Ball balls
(i just love saying it!)
What I used:
Approx. 35cm of white felt
A 6cm polystyrene ball

What I did:

1. Cut out as many felt circles that are approx. 1 ½ inches in diameter as you can.

2. Make a loop with the ribbon as seen in the picture, and using one pin, pin it onto the ball.

3. Now take a felt circle and fold it in half and half again (You can make different shapes and designs with each of these circles or you can stick to the simple ‘half and half’ rose shape.)

4. Place a pin through the corner and pin it into the polystyrene ball.

5. repeat steps 3 and 4 until all of your ball is completely covered.

6. you may choose to add things to your ball balls, i used holly, but my mum found some sparkly hair pins to use as well.

Half a Century

For my Mum’s 50th birthday she’s having a horror themed party and I have allocated myself (due to her over exaggerated ideas that were entirely impossible) as the event planer. Her party is not until February, but already I am planning everything. I’m trying to keep as many things as I can homemade, this means less cost and more fun for me!!

So we’ve come up with practically every idea for our decorations and games ourselves, as we have searched the internet for games for a horror or Halloween party and there were not many games suitable for people over 40.

I’ve started with the simplest decorations first, and that for me is lighting. The idea is to keep the inside of the house as spooky as possible, so more candles instead of actual lights. My first idea was to have some spooky little lanterns that I can hang around the house or place along the walkways.

Spider-wed light

What I used:
- Glass or plastic cup
- Tissues (because I didn’t have tissue paper)
- Spider web cupcake wrapper from
- Tea light candle (I used a battery operated tea light candle from
- Sticky tape
- Scissors

What I did:

1. Cut out the spider webs off the cupcake wrapper, cutting out the spiders from a separate cupcake wrapper.

2. Place two little squares of sticky tape on two corners of the web and stick it to the inside of the cup.

3. Once all spider webs desired are inside the cup grab the tissue, or tissue paper, and cut it to size, then wrap it around the glass. Sticking it into place.

4. Once that is done, place a tea light candle inside (I used battery operated for safety) and there you have it, some spooky little lights to light up the hallway, the tables and even around the garden.